Peer Education

Peer Education Program, another first in the country.

In order to have a safe place for our clients particularly among MSM, we have hired Peer Educators who themselves are part of the MSM and PLHIV community. Friendly staff have won the trust of their clients and provided a stigma and discrimination free facility for them. Our peer educators , who are now increased to 31, were effective in bringing in clients through their social media circles and outreach activities in cruising sites. We have also utilised them as peer counsellors during HIV counselling and testing.


Because of this, Mayor Herbert M. Bautista signed this year EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 5,S-2016, An order institutionalizing ‘Peer Education” as a strategy for strengthening the City’s STI, HIV and AIDS prevention and control program especially among key affected population”. This is recognition of the efforts and contribution of our peer educators as an integral part of our HIV response. We are now in the process of drafting the Design and Manual of Procedures for our Peer Education in Quezon City.


We have also taken steps to address broader structural barriers to effective HIV responses, including through passing of the local Ordinance No. Sp-2357, S-2014, “An ordinance providing for comprehensive anti-discrimination policy on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression (SOGIE)” and “Ordinance No. SP-2210, S-2013, “Prohibiting all forms of discrimination of workers perceived or suspected or even found to be positively infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in workplaces within the jurisdiction of Quezon City.”


The political leadership of Quezon City Government has recognised that Gender equality and optimal health of citizens is a precondition of good governance. With its desire to operationalize the affirmative acts on Health of the Gender Fair Ordinance, QCHD together with its development partners has come up with initiating a Transgender Health Program that will put focus on delivery of responsive and sensitive health services to its transgender population.The Goal of this program is to improve the holistic health and well-being of a transgender individual in response to his/her and community-identified needs. This also include opening of TRANSCENDENCE, the first transhealth wellness clinic in the Philippines. We have created framework and the road map, and will start capacity building activities by 1st quarter of 2017. Last June 2016, a Local Health Board Resolution was passed supporting the creation of the Quezon City TransHealth Program and the Creation of the Transhealth Wellness clinic.