Nutrition Program

The Nutrition Section of the Quezon City Health Department plays a vital role in making the people be aware of the importance of nutritional health care to every individual. which offers set of activities  that will provide adequate knowledge on nutrition that will help the community attain of having and living  a healthy life. Establishing good nutrition in the early years of life is very essential for human growth and mental development and helping them to face risk of malnutrition.

The Nutrition Program is  integrated in the essential health packages to different health services offered by QCHD to the constituents of Quezon City. Prioritizing the vulnerable group; 0-5 year’s old preschool children, pregnant and lactating mothers, elderly and person with disability.


  • To promote, maintain and protect the health and nutritional well-being of the people of Quezon City through the delivery of preventive nutritional health care to the constituents
  • To achieve the attainment of health status that can enhance the active learning capacities of the children for the next generation and to function more effectively enabling the achievement of the goals of quality of life.