Maternal, Newborn, Child Health & Nutrition (MNCHN)

Brief Description of the Program

  • The Maternal, Newborn, Child Health & Nutrition (MNCHN) strategy addresses the risks that continuously threaten the lives of underprivileged Filipino women of reproductive age and their children.
  • The approach highlights the importance of having committed skilled health professionals in appropriate health facilities to support the elements of reproductive health towards improving access and utilization of quality health interventions that are responsive to the urgent needs of women and newborns.
  • The approach defines a well-coordinated referral system and requires strong support from the national and local stakeholders, to effect a rapid reduction in the maternal and neonatal mortality in the country towards attaining MDGs 4 and 5 by the end of 2015.

Statement of Mission, Vision & Goal & Objectives of the MNCHN Program

Every woman, child and their families utilize quality health services in a continuum of care

To lead, harmonize, and converge all efforts in delivery of MNCHN package of services to ensure equitable, accessible, efficient services to communities through dynamic partnership and shared advocacy, responsibility & accountability

Rapidly reduce maternal and neonatal mortality through local implementation of a MNCHN Strategy

To reduce maternal mortality ratio from 209/100,000 livebirths in 1990 to 52/100,000 livebirths by 2015            

Specific Objectives

  • Increase percentage of pregnant women having at least four antenatal care visits from 78% to 90%
  • Increase facility-based delivery from 55% to 90%
  • Increase skilled birth attendance from 72% to 90%
  • Increase percentage of newborns initiated to breastfeeding within one hour of life from 53.5% to 90%

‚ÄčPolicy Developments

  1. Ordinance No. Sp 2100, s-2011: Regulating the Operations of Birthing Homes
  2. Ordinance No. Sp 2171, s-2012: Prohibiting Home Deliveries
  3. Ordinance No. Sp 2151, s-2012: Procedure for issuance of livebirths by hospitals
  4. Ordinance No. Sp 2170, s-2012: Providing for Child Minding Services in Quezon City
  5. Ordinance No. Sp 2379, s-2014: Requiring all facilities to submit to the QC Health Department a monthly report on the number of maternal & neonatal deaths, deliveries & livebirths