Family Planning Program

Brief Description of Family Planning Program

Family Planning is one of the thrust programs of the Department of Health and the Quezon City Health Department. Closely linked with Maternal and child care, the family planning program assists women, men and couples of reproductive age achieve the number and spacing of children their desire. In doing so, they can better take care of themselves, each other and their children and reach their personal and life goals.

The main goal of Family Planning is ‘to ensure that every pregnancy is planned.  The program is anchored on four (4) pillars:

  1. Responsible Parenthood. Couples have the freedom to decide on the number and spacing of children. They should be able to provide not only for the basic needs of their family but should also provide love, care, support, time and protection;
  2. Respect for Life. Family Planning protects the life and rights of the unborn child. Contrary to common belief where the program aims to prevent or delay pregnancy, family planning also helps couples, women in particular become pregnant. Unlike in other countries where abortion is an accepted FP option, this is not so in the Philippines.
  3. Birth spacing. FP promotes birth to pregnancy spacing between 3 to 5 years. This gives the mother ample time to recover from her previous childbirth as well as the opportunity to spend time with her child / children.
  4. Informed Choice and Voluntarism. The decision to space / limit their children, the method of choice, to shift or discontinue method use is solely the choice of the individual or couple after they have been given information on the FP methods appropriate for their situation and medical condition.

There are trained medical and paramedical personnel to provide information, counseling as well as thoroughly explain to the individual or couple their method of choice. These personnel can also mange minor complications and side effects of the chosen method. FP method choice range from fertility based methods (previously known as Natural Family Planning Methods), artificial methods (pills, injectables, IUD, condom, implants) and surgical methods (bilateral tubal ligation and no scalpel vasectomy). To minimize missed opportunities. QCHD operated lying ins now provides services for the insertion of IUDs 10 minutes after the delivery of the baby to 24 hours after childbirth.

Lately, there are two landmark statutes that provided the legal basis for the implementation of activities for FP – RA 10354 popularly known as the Reproductive Health Law and Executive Order No 12 that seeks to attain Zero Unmet Needs.