City Leadership and Governance Program (CLGP)

  • Capability building components of the DOH-ZFF Health Leadership and Governance Program intended for mayors, city health officers (CHO), and other identified key city leaders, which is anchored on the “Bridging Leadership Framework”
  • The program aims to empower Quezon City (QC) leaders to address the social determinants of health and transform their local health systems to make its programs and services work for the community, especially the urban poor. 

Progress Update

  1. QC CLGP Team has already finished Module 1 last November 2014. The first three-month practicum is specially allotted for completion and validation of health and social data, as guided by the CLGP Technical Roadmap and tools.
  2. The CLGP Roadmaps and action plans were presented to both the Management Committee and Local Health Board.

    The program uses a color coded Technical Roadmap to determine each city’s Basic Health System Status consisting of 7 Categories, 17 sub-categories, 60 indicators, and 19 equity gap indicators. The colors used as a SCORECARD includes: RED – means POOR Performance; YELLOW – as NEEDS Improvement; and GREEN – for OUTSTANDING Performance.

    The seven categories consists of: 1) Leadership & Governance; 2) Health & Social Financing; 3) Health Human Resource; 4) Access to Medicine & Technology; 5) Health Information System; 6) Health Service Delivery and 7) Social Determinants. 

    Quezon City’s Basic Health System status is summarized as: 


  3. On March 2015, the QC Team completed the CLGP Module 2 Workshop in Estancia Resort Hotel, Tagaytay City. 
    • The team has identified the top three city-wide health problems (Increasing Teenage Pregnancies, High TB Burden, and Increasing Prevalence of Malnutrition) and health inequities (High Maternal Mortality Ratio, High Infant Mortality Ratio and High TB Burden in 3 poorest barangays). 
  4. Module 3 is set to happen on September, 2015. The month following the conclusion of the practicum stage, a colloquium--closing program—will be organized to provide opportunities for sharing emerging best practices and highlight completion of deliverables and compliance with program requirements.